Services Offered at
Whale Station

Premium Trading

Gain access to exclusive trading signals curated by our expert analysts. Each signal is derived from thorough technical analysis, providing you with the knowledge to make well-informed trading decisions.

Deep Research of

Benefit from our meticulously researched airdrops. Our blockchain analysts conduct extensive background checks on project founders and analyze wallet creation and other critical data, ensuring you receive only the most promising opportunities.

Anti-Money Laundering
(AML) Services

Protect your investments with our advanced AML services. We monitor suspicious activities and provide investigative support to recover funds in case of scams or hacking, ensuring your trading environment is secure.


Expand your knowledge with our comprehensive range of educational materials. From beginners to advanced traders, our resources are designed to enhance your understanding of the cryptocurrency market.


Connect with like-minded individuals through our networking events. Share insights, discuss strategies, and build relationships with fellow traders and industry experts.

Telegram Live

Stay updated with real-time alerts through our dedicated Telegram channel. Our live alerts ensure you never miss out on crucial market movements or trading opportunities.


Receive detailed daily analyses from our seasoned professionals. We cover various aspects of the financial markets, focusing on both macroeconomic trends and individual trading instruments.